Beauty brushes on a budget.

Tools are essential in so many aspects of life. In order to complete a fitness regimen or to succeed at an activity we need tools, makeup is no different unfortunately makeup tools can often be very costly.  When watching videos or tutorials by quote Beauty Gurus- it can often be confusing and overwhelming to discover a good makeup brush set.

I have been o the hunt for an affordable set of high quality brushes and I have finally discovered it. Forget Sigma and Mac these are amazing!

When looking for an entire brush set I think it’s important to have a variety of high quality brushes. 20141011_171706 20141011_171631
These brushes are very soft and pick up and distribute product well. I have not discovered any fallout and they are easy to clean. You can purchase this 12 piece set on Amazon for $13:00

This set is wonderful for beginners and pros i’m thrilled to add these to my collection.

20141011_172141                                                               20141011_172049

This next set is a beautiful 24 piece collection this set provides you with 24 high quality natural soft horse hair brushes. I’m surprised this company is not getting more attention, the quality of these brushes is amazing. Between these two sets I ma confident you can have every brush needed for a wonderful collection.  I have tested these brushes and have discovered zero fallout or shedding, this set of brushes is so soft and they feel like luxury brushes.

You can purchase this set for $22.99 on

If you are really interested in having a nice selection of brushes I don’t think for the price these can be beat. Between the two sets you should have all the tools to create any look.

I purchased all of these products with my  own money, I was not asked to write this review.


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