Glowing green Queen skin mask

Through you tube,  Pinterest, and blogs I have come across many diy face mask recipes .Some with honey,oats,green tea ect . Very rarely do I come across face masks with Spirulina . This is a super food that comes from fresh water spirulina is a sea algae with a deep green color. I could go on and on about the health and beauty benefits of this super food but for now I will save all of us some time and just touch base on the beauty benefits .Spirulina is filled with vitamin and nutrients and does an excellent job of hydrating and nourishing the skin . Spirulina also helps to speed up cell turnover . Vegetable glycerin is a natural humectant that brings moisture to the skin and also helps to soften it . Vitamin E oil acts like an antioxidant to the skin as well as reducing scars and helping with the anti aging process .  
Tools needed for this recipe
1. Medium size bowl
2. A spoon
3.Clean hands or a foundation brush

Ingredients needed for this recipe
1.Spirulina powder 1tbs
2.Vegetable glycerin 4 drops
3.Vitamin e 3 drops
4. Distilled water. 2tbs

Cleanse face and pat dry mix all ingredients together and apply to face leave on for twenty minutes and rinse off with cool water .Admire your glowing skin and apply your favorite moisturizer . My favorite is organic Argon oil .




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