Month: June 2014

Ultra-Light Rein Coat is here for summer!

The choice is yours happiness is priceless.Image

Summer is here! A time for warm weather and cold drinks. It’s also a time for 
creating memories with the ones we love. Our pets are a part of the family. 
What kind of precious memories would you like them to have this summer?

With fireworks popping, thunder and lightning, new places and people – summer can be a very uncertain time for our pets. These experiences can trigger anxiety making our pets nervous, anxious and fearful. With so many frightened and uncomfortable dogs and cats, many products are available to help provide a solution.

With so many options available it can be difficult to choose what will work best for your pet. Sprays, oils, prescription drugs, snug-fitting shirts. None are good options.

The Rein Coat, a new loose-fitting dog calming coat, is taking the pet industry by “storm.” 
With its sleek design and patent- pending technology, this new product is sure to keep your pet calm, cool and comfortable during the summer festivities. Big or small dogs and cats from 5 to 250 pounds – The Rein Coat fits them all.

With wide comfort straps and a new, calming technology that mimics the way a mother dog picking up her young The Rein Coat is sure to work. This one of kind product was made with pets in mind. So be kind and keep your pets calm this season with The Rein Coat.

So how does The Rein Coat stack up among other calming products on the market?

1. The Rein Coat fits from 5-250 pounds comfortably. No other coat in the world fits giant dogs.

2. The Rein Coat’s coat/harness design is unique. The coat/harness combination is comfortable to take your pet for a stroll. No more tugging or irritating harness straps.

3. The Rein Coat is hand made in America. Every Rein Coat is hand inspected to ensure quality and safety. Yes this product is made in the USA by expert seamstresses and not by a robot in China.

4. The Rein Coat is UV, wind and water resistant.

5. The Rein Coat has the ventilated underbelly to keep your pet cool and permits the pet to take care of business without removing the coat.

6. The Rein Coat is machine-washable and is designed to last a lifetime. 

7. The Rein Coat’s harness is 800- pound test strength to work for giant pets too.

8. The Rein Coat is available in two models: The “Classic” three-ply coat is a tough, all-weather coat. The new “Ultra-Light” coat for summer is made from lightweight Ripstock material and can be worn in the lake or ocean. Both have UV protection and are quick drying coats. 

9. The Rein Coat is not designed like a straight jack, your pet can breathe and move freely all without being fearful.

10. 10 The Ultra-Light is the lightest weight calming coat in the world. The ultra-Light is the perfect for the beach or a day at the park. Summer is supposed to be fun!

The choice is yours happiness is priceless.