Month: May 2014

About me

Hello welcome to a piece of my world my pets are my passion.

My name is Marguerite Smith, I am a 20 something fresh out of school just waiting to place my mark on the world. I have had a passion for animals since I could crawl. My 1st pet was Sheba she was a beautiful chocolate Lab. I grew up with the beautiful Sheba I remember going on long walks and sitting on the couch and spending hours with her. When Sheba hit 8 she stopped being active and became morbidly obese. She stopped playing and was no longer the fun loving pet she once was. Sheba was not just a pet she was family.  She later died of a heart attack and her life was shortened.

Over the course of my life I have seen many obese animals and it always breaks my heart. By raising awareness and encouraging others to get out and get moving with their pets. We can improve both our selves and our pets lives.