Argon Alchemy high quality luxury oil without the luxury price

Hey guys,
I was recently given the opportunity to try a new brand of Argon oil yes the cult favorite oil from the past few years that Josie Maran has made so popular.

I have always been a fan of beauty oils I love the nourishing benefits and the glow high quality oils provide the skin with. You can imagine my excitement when being contacted to try a new oil with multiple benefits and uses.  Argon oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world its rare oil is extracted by hand it’s a costly and tedious process. Once the liquid gold is pressed out it is poured in to vessels and left to rest for at least two weeks, once the oil is filtered it’s ready to be used. Because the process is done by hand and can only be found in Morocco the oil per ounce is often costly.
The beauty industry has taken great care to profit from this wonder oil and has thrown it in everything from makeup to shampoo. The very best way to benefit from this oil is straight from the source the Argon oil its self of courseJ.
Quality Argon oil can be difficult to find and if you do find it it’s normally in a bottle with a fancy label and a 600 percent markup. I have used so many Argon oils and the truth they are all very comparable. We are simply paying for packaging and oh how I’m a sucker for great packaging. Moving on……… the amazing people at Argon alchemy sent me a bottle of beautifully packaged and well-priced Argon oil to review score!!!

You may be asking yourself why you should be including Argon oil frequently referred to as liquid gold to your beauty routine, this nourishing multitasking oil can be a time and money saver.

The unique combination of antioxidant and moisturizing properties in this oil can help to maintain skin elasticity while preventing moisture loss that can contribute to the aging process. Argon oil is high in vitamins and minerals – omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin e. A quick Google search and you can find a world of uses for this oil.

I use Argon oil nightly after using a vitamin-C serum as my moisturizer it really locks in moisture and keeps my skin hydrated. I use Argon oil on my lips after exfoliation I also use it in my nightly lip mask it locks in moisture and prevents irritation and chapped lips.

On dry cuticles a few drops is all you need the same goes for hair. Quick Fido fabulous tip! Argon oil is one of the best treatments for a dog with a dry nose nails and paws this quickly heals the area and nourishes those delicate areas.

The Argon Alchemy oil is comparable to the other more pricey oils on the market. I have tried many including the Josie Maran and the only difference is the price. This rich nourishing oil is the perfect product for winter from hair to nails it hydrates and nourishes. The Argon Alchemy company has done a wonderful job of providing consumers with an organic high quality Argon oil.

 The product comes in this beautiful Cobalt blue jar with a dropper top.

The product comes in this beautiful Cobalt blue jar with a dropper top.


I use this product on nails, scars, lips, face and hands it keeps my skin happy clear and beautiful at a price I can smile about.  If you have scars or stretchmarks this product is a must. Argon Alchemy gets the Fido fabulous seal of approval and I highly recommend this product. I plan on purchasing for years to come.

If you are interested in purchasing this oil it’s available on Amazon for 19.95 for a high quality organic Argon oil that’s a steal!

You can purchase here!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Beauty brushes on a budget.

Tools are essential in so many aspects of life. In order to complete a fitness regimen or to succeed at an activity we need tools, makeup is no different unfortunately makeup tools can often be very costly.  When watching videos or tutorials by quote Beauty Gurus- it can often be confusing and overwhelming to discover a good makeup brush set.

I have been o the hunt for an affordable set of high quality brushes and I have finally discovered it. Forget Sigma and Mac these are amazing!

When looking for an entire brush set I think it’s important to have a variety of high quality brushes. 20141011_171706 20141011_171631
These brushes are very soft and pick up and distribute product well. I have not discovered any fallout and they are easy to clean. You can purchase this 12 piece set on Amazon for $13:00

This set is wonderful for beginners and pros i’m thrilled to add these to my collection.

20141011_172141                                                               20141011_172049

This next set is a beautiful 24 piece collection this set provides you with 24 high quality natural soft horse hair brushes. I’m surprised this company is not getting more attention, the quality of these brushes is amazing. Between these two sets I ma confident you can have every brush needed for a wonderful collection.  I have tested these brushes and have discovered zero fallout or shedding, this set of brushes is so soft and they feel like luxury brushes.

You can purchase this set for $22.99 on

If you are really interested in having a nice selection of brushes I don’t think for the price these can be beat. Between the two sets you should have all the tools to create any look.

I purchased all of these products with my  own money, I was not asked to write this review.

Cellulite cream review by Naturalico-

Cellulite many of us have it or get it with age. Genetics can play a big role as well as diet and how active we are. Cellulite aka that orange peel looking skin on the thighs and other areas does not discriminate big or small it can appear on all.
If you are one of the lucky one in a million who does not have cellulite we all envy you seriously! If you are a mere mortal like myself read on….

Cellulite is easy to get and difficult to get rid of, bottom line it really sucks. The good news is with modern technology and research today we have more options.

I have tried my fair share of cellulite treatments,pills, and products. Until today I have never honestly been able to recommend one. I have actually discovered something that’s natural,safe,affordable,and effective and i’m so happy to share it with you.
So ladies and gents get ready for a fun bikini season and show it off with confidence,yes I know Christmas is two months away and we are all freezing! but why wait until the very last minute?

With active ingredients like Retinol and Caffeine this natural and effective cellulite cream works to tone and smooth the skin. Bonus it also nourishes and softens.

I used this product for exactly 30 days, I have always struggled with a bit of cellulite even after dry brushing and detoxing. These things made a dramatic difference but i’m a women I always want more lol I applied the Naturalico cream twice daily after dry brushing and showering and quickly noticed results. I’m kicking myself for not taking before and after photos.
My skin feels more toned and very close cellulite free score!

I would and will continue to use and recommend this product, please keep in mind that this will not work if you don’t use it daily. It’s only close to a miracle jar but you must take the time to apply and continue to use it.

This product is currently on sale for 19.99 yes for 20 bucks you can get this product home, You can purchase this product here-

The jar is small but a little goes a long way!

The jar is small but a little goes a long way!

The consistency of this product is very thin and nourishing, I love that this product is not sticky.

The consistency of this product is very thin and nourishing, I love that this product is not sticky.

This product has a wonderful comforting scent and improves the condition of the skin.

This product has a wonderful comforting scent and improves the condition of the skin.

Disclaimer- I was provided this product for review purposes at not cost. This does not change my opinion and I love this product. I will be repurchasing with my own money.
I was not compensated for this review

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a>. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

clogged pores no more diy mask!

Ok ladies today i’m bringing you my favorite pore cleaning mask its cheap natural and effective. If you have clogged pores and black or white heads you will love this one. This mask is also know to help brighten and clear the skin leaving you with a beautiful glowing complexion.

For this skin clearing mask we will be using three effective and affordable ingredients.
1. Activated Charcoal- Activated Charcoal is a wonderful product with many uses but for today we will just be discussing the benefits it has on the skin. Activated charcoal naturally works like  a vacuum pulling toxins and dirt from the body it has the same effect on the pores. It helps to cleanse pores of clogging dirt and oil.

2.Bentonite clay- This gift from nature is another power house secret for the skin packed with minerals and the power to absorb up to six times it’s size when wet this is the best clay for a pore clearing mask. I could go on about the benefits of charcoal and clay but that’s what Google is for 🙂

3. Peppermint essential oil- This oil has so many skin benefits  its   antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal, antispasmodic and  has carminative properties. Its wonderful for clearing the complexion and keeping it beautiful.

A few things before making this recipe never use metal bowls or spoons when using bentonite clay and number two feel free to use any essential oil that you desire based on your skins needs.

I am not a professional and I advise you not to use these ingredients if you have an allergy to any of the products mentioned.

1.After cleansing and patting your face dry  mix 2 table spoons Bentonite clay with three Activated Charcoal capsules
mix well add 2 drops of mint essential oil and set aside.


2.Add two tablespoons water and mix until you for a paste.
3.Yes it should look like lumpy Tar.

4.Apply the mask and relax for 15-20 minutes or until dry

On the plus side this doubles as a Halloween mask don’t you think?
I look a bit crazy but it’s so worth it.

Enjoy the beautiful glowing effects of this mask and your newly cleansed pores. After using this mask I like to use a vitamin c serum and a hydrating moisturizer or Argon oil. This photo was taken immediately after and I have on no makeup. I hope you guys enjoy this mask if you decide to try it let me know what you think:)

Here I will include links to purchase all of these products.
1.Activated Charcoal-

2.Bentonite clay-


If you have any questions please let me know.

Baiden Mitten review!

Go out and buy it now, yes the Baiden Mitten it’s that amazing! If I could only pick three beauty items to use for the rest of my life the Baiden Mitten would be one of them and i’m not kidding. This incredible little magic mitten is $50.00 and worth every copper penny. I have known about the (Baiden Mitten) for a couple of years now but could never bring myself to purchase one. I purchased so many random mitts from other parts of the world that claimed to give same effect and in most cases I just ended up bright red and disappointed. I used peels and scrubs and they do soften the skin and make you glow temporarily but nothing compared to the Baiden Mitten.

The Baiden mitten is an exfoliation mitt that has been used for thousands  of years in bath houses as tradition. Im many Harems the most important women would request a mitten like the Baiden Mitten as part of the beauty ritual. The Baiden Mitten is woven in a very special way that makes it the most effective mitten on the market. Finally the secret is out and women from all over the world can experience the wonders of the mitten. The Baiden was designed by Victoria Winnard and you will not know how to thank her enough after experiencing this product.

If you want to experience beautiful,glowing,smooth and hydrated skin read on!
I could honestly talk about how amazing the Baiden Mitten is all day long, for the  sake of my readers I wont.

I have always been a product junkie, slathering on cremes and potions hoping for a  skin miracle. I have  Keratosis pilaris  aka chicken skin. I have had these little bumps on my arms for years I have used scrubs and creams and they did help some but nothing like the Baiden Mitten.  With the Baiden Mitten I have experienced a glow I have never found with other products.
I also suffered with some scaring from my giant breed dog jumping on me as a puppy in one moths time they have faded a great deal. My skin is clear and soft. I no longer feel the need to purchase scrubs and expensive peels. The Baiden Mitten works and I will continue to repurchase and use for years to come.

When using this mitten I did discover the instant peeling effect mentioned-

After my 1st use with the mitten.

After my 1st use with the mitten.

If you are interested in experiencing the Baiden Mitten you can purchase it here!

I did receive this product for review purposes my thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review


Fat burning Coconut macaroons!

It can often be difficult to kick those sugar cravings when trying to lose weight. This is the perfect sinful treat that will keep you and your waist line happy. Filled with protein and super foods these 15 minute Coconut macaroons are a must. The decadent coconut and the melted chocolate make the perfect treat.

From prep to plate these are ready to eat in under 20 minutes.

  • Ingredients
    2 cups unsweetened coconut
    1/4 cup dark chocolate optional
    2 tbsp Honey
    1/4 cup Almond or Coconut flour
    2 eggs
    A splash of vanilla

Mix all dry and wet ingredients until you have a smooth batter.
Add dark chocolate pieces. Roll about  1 tbs of batter for each macaroon and sprinkle with more Coconut. Bake for 12 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool and serve. These guilt free delights are sure to be a crowd pleaser.